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About Novi

Novi is the newest business division of Meta (formerly Facebook Inc.) leading all things related to financial services at Meta, including Facebook Pay, WhatsApp Payments, and the Novi digital wallet. We’re seeking deeply experienced security leadership talent to help enable and safeguard financial services with a truly global scale. The Novi Security Program is simultaneously responsible for, (a) enabling the business to achieve its goals at scale and pace; (b) safeguarding the business against real world security risks; and (c) addressing the regulatory scrutiny the business faces. Our goal is to make Meta and Novi the premier place to work for cyber security, information security, and security engineering professionals. The Novi Insider Threat Lead is a key leadership role responsible for building a Novi Insider Threat Program that is global, enterprise-wide, regulatory compliant, proactive, and must have an ambitious program vision and strategy that includes technical and non-technical capabilities to protect critical assets from malicious and non-malicious insider threat actors that may carry out acts of espionage, sabotage, violence and theft that could impact Novi’s brand, reputation, and operations. The Lead Head of Corporate Insider Threat will design and develop the Novi Insider Threat Program considering Novi’s organizational structure, culture, wide-ranging critical assets, in partnership with existing insider threat teams, in collaboration with key cross-functional stakeholders, and initially follow a program framework that includes the three pillars of support, prevention, detection, and response. This program will focus on strengthening security processes, using proactive measures, while utilizing multiple platforms, including network activity monitoring, and other sensor information to identify potential threats to infrastructure, employees, or intellectual property.


  • Responsible for architecting, socializing, recruiting and building a well-balanced technical and non-technical insider threat team that is capable of working and influencing key cross-functional stakeholders, collaborating with technical teams.

  • Able to build both technical and non-technical capabilities, understand wide-ranging critical assets, use insider threat, risk management industry recognized principles, standards and best practices, and is knowledgeable in global laws and regulations that could impact the development of the program.

  • Align the Insider Threat Program to existing investigative and employee supporting functions/teams to develop the initial program strategy, policies and standards, technology applications.

  • Development of insider threat related education and training for Novi.

  • Design, develop, implement and lead the global Insider Threat Program based on the initial program framework pillars of support, prevention, detection, and response to protect wide-ranging critical assets to mitigate the malicious and non-malicious insider threat within a complex, decentralized, heavily matrixed and consensus-driven environment with varied services, priorities, and capabilities.

  • Develop, implement, and continuously improve insider threat governance, such as strategies, incident response models, standards, policies, and processes in consultation with Novi key cross-functional stakeholders and in alignment with applicable U.S. and international laws and regulations to include any mandates from agencies for specific services that could be found throughout Novi.

  • Serve as the Insider Threat SME, advisor, and lead principal investigator in response to insider threat incidents that may require managing complex, highly confidential investigations, conducting analyses, leading multi-disciplinary teams, information sharing with external agencies as applicable, and providing detailed, well-organized, and fact-based reports and presentations to executive-level leaders.

  • Identify, define, categorize, risk-rank, and prioritize the physical or logical wide-ranging critical assets across Novi that have value that if stolen, destroyed, altered, or otherwise degraded would impact the confidentiality, integrity or availability of information, operational capabilities, services, etc.

  • Design, develop, implement, and maintain an enterprise-wide insider risk assessment strategies, practices, and tools that allows for the assessment of critical assets to identify susceptibility to the various types of insider threats, evaluates the technical, behavioral, and organizational vulnerabilities, considers existing controls that mitigate the threats or consequence and provides risk scores for critical assets to prioritize resources and remediation actions to mitigate or eliminate the risks of an insider threat.

  • Ability to design, plan, organize, develop, and implement a technology platform or information sharing capability that integrates information from various systems and operations, such as network user activity, data exfiltration, physical security related activities, investigations, threat management, human resources, and other incidents, activities, or functions for centralized analysis to continuously evaluate threats and vulnerabilities to determine the risk level for individuals or organizational functions based on the potential cyber, physical, and contextual indicators.

  • Develop an Insider Threat Working Group composed of the various insider threat teams across Novi/Meta starting with leadership buy-in, developing a working group charter, initiation of information sharing, support with identifying wide-ranging critical assets, identification of organizational capabilities available for joint incident response, alignment on insider threat strategies, practices, and tools, and potentially establish an incident response plan with shared services from this working group.

  • Ability to building strong partnership with key cross-functional stakeholders (Security Managers, Human Resources, Legal, Employee Relations, Crisis Management, etc.), analysts, developers, engineers, and data scientists to influence, design, develop and implement non-technical and technical capabilities related to Insider Threat or risk mitigation.

  • Measure program effectiveness by developing key performance indicators (KPIs) and key risk indicators (KRIs) to make data-driven decisions to support continuous improvement of performance, operational processes, and inform risk mitigation actions.

  • Ability to coach, mentor and lead high performing teams to effectively manage day-to-day operations and to maintain an environment of continuous talent and career development for a variety of professions.

  • Design, develop, implement, and deliver education and training on various topics related to Insider Threat for all levels at Novi.

  • Support business travel on an as needed basis (up to 20%).

Minimum Qualifications

  • Experience to move seamlessly from strategy to execution and deliver tangible results.

  • Experience consistently and effectively defending their ideas and solutions.

  • Experience effectively analyzing risk within the context of business and technology problems.

  • 8+ years of experience building and scaling programs related to insider threat, insider risk, investigations, intelligence, counter intelligence, threat management or cyber security, establishing program vision, strategy and roadmaps, building multi-disciplinary teams, implementing risk mitigation strategies, practices, and tools, developing software or leveraging technology to detect threats or monitor risk, leading enterprise-wide, cross-functional, or multi-agency committees or working groups focused on providing shared services to mitigate a threat or risk, effective program and project management, conducting highly confidential investigations.

  • Experience effectively communicating and influencing executive-level leaders.

  • Communication, facilitation, leadership, delegation, and presentation skills, including demonstrated success in regulatory interactions.

  • Must obtain work authorization in country of employment at the time of hire and maintain ongoing work authorization during employment.

  • Problem solving and trouble-shooting skills.

  • Leadership and management experience leading 10+ FTE insider threat organizations.

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