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How do I request a refund?

If you suspect there’s been an unauthorized transaction on your Novi account, you can create a claim. Please create a claim as soon as possible, but no later than 120 calendar days from the date the transaction first posted to your transaction history. Your claim may be denied if created after this time period.
If we determine a transaction is unauthorized, we’ll provide a full refund back to your Novi balance. Learn more about refunds at Novi.
To create a claim:
  1. Log in to the Novi app.
  2. Tap in the top right of Novi.
  3. Tap Search for help topics and enter “How do I report an unauthorized transaction?”
  4. Tap the article, then scroll down and tap black flagReport Fraud below Helpful Actions.
  5. Tap Transaction and select a transaction to dispute. If the transaction you want to report is already selected, continue to the next step.
  6. Tap Additional Information to provide a description of what happened. It’s important to provide as much information as possible so that we can determine the appropriate steps to take in investigating this transaction. Note: Don't include information like bank account details or passwords.
  7. Tap Submit.
Once you tap Submit, you’ll see a confirmation screen. If you tap Done on the confirmation screen, we may then automatically log you out of your account.
We may also send you an SMS code to confirm your phone number and ask you to reset your password.
Novi cannot cancel a transaction once it occurs. We recommend carefully reviewing transactions before approving them. If you sent money to the wrong person or you sent the wrong amount of money, you can try contacting the person and asking them to return it.
Note: Novi will usually review claims within 2-5 days. However, in some cases this may take up to 15 days. You may appeal a claim decision up to 15 calendar days after we communicate our decision to you via text message or push notification. Your appeal may be denied if created after this time period. It may take us up to 15 calendar days to review an appeal once we receive it.
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