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How do video selfies and manual reviews on Novi work?

When you use Novi, we may ask for information to confirm your identity, such as a video selfie or photo ID. We may also request more information if we detect unusual or suspicious activity on your account.
However, if you prefer not to submit a video selfie, you can request a manual review. Learn more about your two options — video selfies and manual reviews — below.
How video selfies work on Novi
Novi uses proprietary video selfie technology to verify your identity, comply with laws, and prevent fraud and abuse. Here’s how it works:
If you submit a video selfie, we use face recognition software to calculate a unique number based on how you appear in the selfie. This is called a template. We then compare the template to other photos of you. Currently, this includes your photo ID. If we are unable to verify your identity, you may not be able to create a Novi Account or your account usage may be limited.
How manual reviews work on Novi
If you prefer not to take a video selfie to verify your identity, you can request a manual review. If you request a manual review, someone on the Novi Customer Care team will review your account without a video selfie to verify your identity.
Keep in mind that a manual review usually takes longer than a video selfie. We might also have to ask you for more information in the process, such as proof of address or a second valid, unexpired government-issued ID. You can learn more about what types of ID you can use for verification.
How we keep your photos and video selfies secure
Whether you choose to take a video selfie or go through manual review, your information is kept secure. It will only be used by Novi and Facebook to verify and protect your identity.
Your Novi face-recognition template is securely stored and deleted within 24 hours after verifying your identity. We will keep your video selfie image and photo ID encrypted and securely stored to maintain the security of your account and be in compliance with applicable laws. If we need to verify your identity again, we’ll ask you for another video selfie.
Novi encrypts all sensitive financial information and any documents you upload for a manual review. If you want to learn more about our Privacy Policy, follow this link and select your country of residence.
What happens to my account while it’s under review?
While your account is under review — whether it’s a video selfie or a manual review — you won’t be able to complete the action you were attempting to take within the Novi app until the review is complete and your identity is verified.
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