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Our commitment to privacy.

At Novi, we’re committed to being transparent about what data is shared and for what purposes. We don’t sell your data. Your privacy is top of mind for you, so it will always be top of mind for us.


Novi and your data.

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Data used to verify your identity.

The information you provide — for instance, your legal name, phone number, and valid government-issued photo IDs — is used to verify your identity and create your account. This information helps verify that every customer signing up for Novi is who they say they are.

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Data to help you use Novi.

We ask for information, such as your bank account and debit card details, so you can use your Novi wallet easily. This includes sending and receiving money with your family and friends and moving money between your Novi wallet and your bank account.

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How you can access your data.

Novi’s Download Your Information tool provides you with information stored in your Novi account, including your transaction history and chat history with Novi’s Customer Care team.

Novi and Facebook.

How we use your Facebook account.

Novi is a regulated financial company from Facebook, Inc. While you don't need a Facebook account to use Novi, if you have one, we'll use it to help keep you and others safe. This helps us verify the identity of our customers, prevent fraud and criminal activity, and comply with laws.

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Your Novi account is separate from your Facebook account.

We use Facebook systems to help make Novi work, but your Novi activity is never posted to your Facebook profile.

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Controls to prevent unauthorized access of your data.

We're committed to protecting your privacy and to clearly explaining how. We have set strict controls to limit what can be shared with Facebook and third parties. Learn more.

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Using data to improve Novi.

We’re always working to make your experience on Novi better. To do this, we may use aggregated Facebook, Inc. data to improve Novi. For example, we may use Facebook, Inc. data to see which regions have broader internet adoption.

Novi’s advertising practices.

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Responsible advertising practices.

Like many companies, we advertise to help more people learn about Novi. We have a compliance program to ensure that we clearly communicate the benefits and limitations of our product.

Novi as a Facebook advertiser.

Facebook does not have access to your financial information for its own advertising purposes. Learn more about Novi’s advertising practices.

How Novi integrates with third parties.

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Novi doesn’t sell your data.

We partner with third parties only for specific purposes, such as processing your transactions. We never sell your data to third parties.

Data sharing to support your use of Novi.

Novi shares data with third parties and service providers to do things that support your experience, like secure and protect accounts from fraudulent activity and comply with laws and regulations. Novi also works with financial services companies to enable you to add, send, receive, and withdraw money. In other cases, we'll ask you first before sharing your data. Learn more about how Novi works with third parties.

We think it’s important you understand how Novi uses and stores your personal and financial data.

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