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Our commitment to security.

Novi is committed to protecting your money and data through account protections and other safeguards. If something should go wrong, we'll help you resolve it — fast.


How Novi verifies new accounts.

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Customers verified with valid government-issued photo IDs.

We put security first from the moment you sign up, using identity verifications, continuous monitoring, and security measures to help prevent the abuse of Novi products and services.

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Extra verification measures.

When needed, we take additional steps to verify a customer’s identity, such as asking for a video selfie. This helps us make sure every customer signing up for Novi is who they say they are.

How Novi protects against fraud.

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Anti-fraud monitoring and dedicated teams.

Novi has built-in protections to detect and flag fraudulent activity. We have dedicated teams that focus on identifying illegal activity and investigating customer claims.

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Additional fraud protections.

When we think there is unusual or suspicious activity on your account, we may ask for information that's hard to fake, such as a video selfie or a picture of your valid government-issued photo ID. We use this to make sure that you’re the only one accessing your account.

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Full refund for unauthorized transactions.

Even with all of these precautions in place, we know that fraud may sometimes happen. You can report a suspicious transaction, and if it’s determined to be unauthorized, we will provide a full refund back to your Novi balance. Learn more about refunds at Novi.

How Novi keeps your account safe.

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Two-factor authentication.

Novi uses two-factor authentication when you sign up to help prevent anyone else from accessing your account from a device we don’t recognize.

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We encrypt your sensitive financial information when it’s in transit and when it’s stored. We also encrypt documents you upload to Novi, such as your valid government-issued photo ID.

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Security assessments and audits.

We complete rigorous security testing, including detailed code reviews and automated scanning for vulnerabilities in our code and infrastructure. We also work with trusted security partners to complete independent technical assessments and broad security audits.

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